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3D Tools Training

The CGschool provides 3ds Max training at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Learn the tools to maximize speed and efficiency.

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Post Production Training

Think you know Photoshop? We would love the opportunity to show you what you do not know. Fusion? PF Track? If you are working with animations and not using programs like these, you have only scratched the 3D surface of knowledge.

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Web & Internet Training

Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Flash. Everyone has a website, but few are truly art, and even fewer are utilized to their full potential. CGschool provides one of the best Internet training programs you will find anywhere on the planet.

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Rendering Engine Training

Do not just use programs like V-Ray and mental ray ... understand them. With the CGschool, learn what goes on behind the algorithms of these top render engines.

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Currently there are no events scheduled.  If you are looking for training near your area, please fill out the form to the right.  The more submissions we receive for your city, the more likely we will try to schedule an event near your area.

Previously recorded videos listed below allow you to watch our videos at your own pace and are a fraction of the cost for onsite / one-on-one training.  

- Click on the “Purchase” link to purchase the videos.  
- Click on “Recorded Course” to view details about the recording.

Video Recordings


CGschool Masterclass

Pre-Order Advanced Instruction

Recorded Course Instructor      
3ds Max Beginner Brian Smith     PURCHASE
3ds Max Intermediate Brian Smith     PURCHASE
3ds Max Advanced Modeling Alexander Gorbunov     PURCHASE
3ds Max System Resources Brian Smith     PURCHASE
3ds Max Bundle (Save 40%) B. Smith + Alex G.     PURCHASE
Internet Marketing for Arch. Visualization Brian Zajac     PURCHASE
Photoshop Beginner to Intermediate Brian Zajac     PURCHASE
Photoshop Advanced Lon Grohs     PURCHASE
mental ray Jennifer O’ Connor     PURCHASE
V-Ray for 3ds Max – Beginner to Intermediate* Brian Smith     PURCHASE
V-Ray 2.0  for 3ds Max (Advanced Session 1) Lon Grohs     PURCHASE
V-Ray 2.0  for 3ds Max (Advanced Session 2) Lon Grohs     PURCHASE
V-Ray for 3ds Max – Bundle (Save 40%) L. Grohs + B. Smith     PURCHASE
Free 1-Hour Webinars       LINK

*Includes 3.5 Hours of V-Ray 2.0 Training for Free ($99 Value)

Multiple Discounts

Multiple discounts are automatically provided when you register for multiple recordings when you purchase online.  These discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.  They are as follows:

2 Class Recordings = 10% Discount
3 Class Recordings = 12% Discount
4 Class Recordings = 15% Discount
5+ Class Recordings = 20% Discount

Unless otherwise stated, all videos are live recordings of a past CGschool class. They contain all of the same curriculum taught as part of the live and online classes, and include class files. Videos are screencasts of the instructor’s screen as well as their voice and that of the online and in-class students.  As the videos are live class recordings they contain the same unscripted events from the class, including questions from students etc.  Audio quality is comparable to a live online webcast.  Videos are broken down into one file per day and most contain approx. 9 hours of instruction each day.

Video Delivery

All videos are distributed via a download link (30 day download link limit) in a proprietary CGschool video format using the CGschool video player. Each file is approx. 800MB-1.2GB in size.  Once you download your video links and open the video for the first time in the CGschool video player, you will be asked to authenticate yourself so that a license can be installed on your computer. We provide licenses for up to 3 seperate computers with 5 installations per computer*.  At this time the player will only run on Windows operating systems in a non-virtualized environment.  For full system requirements can be found here. Please note that after your order has been received it will take 24 hours on business days before you receive your download links.