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3D Tools Training

The CGschool provides 3ds Max training at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Learn the tools to maximize speed and efficiency.

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Web & Internet Training

Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Flash. Everyone has a website, but few are truly art, and even fewer are utilized to their full potential. CGschool provides one of the best Internet training programs you will find anywhere on the planet.

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Rendering Engine Training

Do not just use programs like V-Ray and mental ray ... understand them. With the CGschool, learn what goes on behind the algorithms of these top render engines.

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Post Production Training

Think you know Photoshop? We would love the opportunity to show you what you do not know. Fusion? PF Track? If you are working with animations and not using programs like these, you have only scratched the 3D surface of knowledge.

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CGschool currently does not have any free webinars to register for.   Fill out the “CGschool Specials” form on the right to receive news on our next free webinar.

View our previous one-hour webinars by registering as a free member.  If you currently are a member, you only need to login.  The current list of free classes are:

  • 3ds Max Advanced Modeling - Alexander Gorbunov
  • Texture Baking in 3ds Max - Brian Smith
  • V-Ray Beginner & Intermediate - Brian Smith
  • V-Ray Advanced - Brian Smith & Lon Grohs
  • V-Ray 2.0 - Torgeir Holm
  • mental ray - Jennifer O’ Connor
  • Onyx Trees - Brian Smith
  • Photoshop Advanced – Lon Grohs
  • Photoshop Beginner to Intermediate - Brian Zajac
  • Architectural Photography – Lon Grohs
  • Revit – Rafael Tapanes
  • Internet Marketing for Architectural Visualization - Brian Zajac
  • Web Design Beginner (WordPress) – Brian Zajac
  • Web Design Intermediate (Dreamweaver) - Lisette Silberman
  • Flash Beginner to Intermediate - Richard Yarlett
  • PF Track - Mike Merron