The CGschool is the only company in the world that provides Autodesk Authorized books and training dedicated to architectural visualization while simultaneously working full-time in visualization production.  Below are CGschool student testimonials and visualization training gallery of previous events. 


When I registered for the CGSchool class, I was not really sure what to expect since I was going to attend the class live instead of on-line. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable about the topics being covered. He made sure to show real-world examples and problems they may encounter during a project. It is a rare opportunity to get to see a world class instructor work through real projects and see the troubleshooting techniques they use. I went into this class feeling very confident in my own abilities. The class helped me put all the pieces together for a more thorough understanding of the subject matter. Not to mention the theory and the little tips and tricks shown during class. It was very positive experience and look forward to my next CGSchool class.

I recently attended 2 webinars from the CG School, Advanced Modeling with Alex Gorbunov & Advanced V-Ray with Lon Grohs. Being able to watch top level industry professionals work on actual projects and see their approach & workflow and hear their thoughts while they work was an invaluable experience. In addition, the ability to interact with the instructor and ask questions takes learning to a higher level, far superior to books and tutorials. I thought the classes had a perfect blend of foundation and advanced concepts and the pace was perfect, fast enough that an amazing amount of material was covered, yet easy to follow. Excellent job all around!

For me, this experience was all too overwhelming to absorb. In a good way. The information fed to students in this lesson was an advanced work flow for professionals and I did gain exceptional knowledge. I can’t wait to put it to test.